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- We provide video production to our students for online music exams and music competitions.

- 2021 ABRSM results: Cheung Hoi Ching (grade 8 - Distinction), Gabriel Yiu ( grade 8 - Merit), Lee KaYan (grade 5 - Merit)

- 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2021) Primary Senior Flute solo: Chan Cheuk Hang - 2nd prize

- 73rd Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2021) Primary Junior Flute solo: Luo Yan Yee Ezri - 3rd prize

- ”8th Hong Kong Youth Music Competition” Woodwind & Brass (Children Middle): Hou Xinyan - 3rd prize

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ABRSM / Trinity College

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Through public performances, we hope to promote people's music appreciation as well as strengthening our members’ competence in flute playing.

Nigel Ng

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We strive for the betterment in music education. Our mission is to develop learners compassion for music. We do not only focus on teaching the instrument but also on appreciation of music. We stress to inspire our students with ample music languages — the styles of different composers and the relevant musical expressions. The awards and achievements of our students foster our belief.

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