Syrinx Flute

syrinx flute

Young Artist Model

For aged 7 or below
* All Silver plated * Curved headjoint * Off-set G * Closed-hole * Modified Key for small hands * No trill keys, low C-sharp key and low C key * Protect with extra soldered strip and strong ring
Price: HKD$3400

syrinx flute

Elite Model

For flute upgrade / spare flute for professionals
* Sterling Silver lip plate * In-line G * Open-hole with removable rubber covers * Pointed key arm * B foot joint * Three soldered tone holes: two trill keys and C-sharp tone hole
Price: HKD$5200


polishing flute

Ultrasoft Polishing Cloth for Silver Flute

Price: HKD$95

polishing flute

Silver Wipes
(each package contains 10 pieces)

Price: HKD$108

flute cleaning rod

Cleaning Rod

Price: HKD$20

flute cleaning rod

Cleaning Rod

Price: HKD$40

flute cleaning brush

Brush Swab

Price: HKD$60

flute cleaning cloth

Cleaning Cloth

Price: HKD$50

flute anti-tarnish

Anti-Tarnish Cloth

Price: HKD$200

flute spring hook

Spring Hook

Price: HKD$80



Price: HKD$180



Price: HKD$270

flute lip plate grips

Lip Plate Grips

Price: HKD$120

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