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A few words about us

Hong Kong's Finest Flute Institute

We are flute specialists from Hong Kong.

We share our joy in flute music.

A Flute Institute Like No Other

Flute Music Education

We strive for the betterment in music education. Our mission is to develop learners compassion for music. We do not only focus on teaching the instrument but also on appreciation of music. We stress to inspire our students with ample music languages - the styles of different composers and the relevant musical expressions.
The awards and achievements of our students foster our belief.

syrinx flute
syrinx flute

Instrument We Care

The instrument itself is an important tool for flute players to communicate with the audience. Hence, we aim to provide quality care for your instrument.
In our experience, quality instruments and flute accessories matter in flute playing.
We also provide repairs and maintainence for your instrument. Please contact us for further information.

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