2013 Sky 100
2013 Summer programme (Stanley Plaza)

2013 Easter programme (Avenue of Stars)

2012 X'mas programme (Telford Plaza)
2012 St. John's Cathedral Lunchtime Recital

2011 X'mas programme (Paradise Mall)

2011 X'mas programme (Telford Plaza)
2011 Art in MTR
2010 X'mas programme (iSquare)
2010 全國兒童心連心
2010 St. John's Cathedral Lunchtime Recital
2009 X'mas programme (New World Centre)
2009 Dorothy and Marco Wedding
2009 Art in MTR
2008 X'mas programme (Citywalk)
2008 X'mas programme (Pioneer Centre)
2008 X'mas programme (Lee Gardens)
2008 Hong Kong Disneyland - Magic Music Day Performance (Hollywood Hotel)
2008 Oxfam Musical Marathon
2008 Syrinx Flute Choir Rehearsal
2008 Syrinx Flute Choir BBQ
2008 Frieda Chan Recital with Syrinx Flute Choir and Les Flutistes Parfait
2007 ATV news


2007 X'mas programme (Cityplaza - Taikoo Shing)
2007 X'mas programme (Harbour City)
2007 X'mas programme (Avenue of Stars)
2007 on TVB
2007 Summer holiday programme (Peak Tower)
2007 Les Flutistes Parfait programme (St. John's Cathedral)
2006 X'mas programme (The Lee Gardens)
2006 X'mas programme (Inter-Continental Hotel)
2006 Lunch-time Recital (St. John's Cathedral)
2006 Easter programme (Marina Square)
2005 X'mas programme (Avenue of Stars)
2005 X'mas programme (Cityplaza - Taikoo Shing)
2004 X'mas programme (Cityplaza - Taikoo Shing)
2004 X'mas programme (Festival Walk)
2004 Cable TV news channel

We are honoured to be recorded in the news for our outstanding performance and our "Jingle Bell" has been used as the background music during the reporting.

2004 TVB 文化新領域

We are invited by TVB to do a recording on introducing the instruments of a standard flute choir as well as giving a performance.

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2003 X'mas programme (Sheraton Hotel)
2003 X'mas programme (Harbour City)
2003 Government House

We participated in the fund-raising programme organized by the Zonta Club of Kowloon and our performance was highly commented.

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2002 Rehearsals