Media Showcase

Jason Ng (flute) age 5, started learning the instrument at age 4, would like to demonstrate:

James Rae: The Bottom Line
James Rae: Naughty, But Nice!

Jason Ng played with a prodigy model, curved head with modified key plates
Christina Lee (piano)


Jasmine Ng (flute) age 8, demonstrating the following virtuoso pieces from memory:

Rimsky Korsakov: The flight of the Bumble Bee
J S Bach: Battinerie from Suite No. 2


Flute Trio performance in St. John Cathedral

Kulau: 1st movement from Trio No. 2 Op. 13 for three flutes

Jason Ng (1st flute), Jasmine Ng (2nd flute), Nigel Ng (3rd flute)


Piccolo performance with HKYSB

Piccolo Polka by Robert Burke

Jasmine Ng (1st piccolo), Jason Ng (2nd piccolo) with HKYSB


Nigel Ng (flute) would like to demonstrate
Michael Radanovics: The Silver Tears of the Moon by the following flutes:
Brannen 14k
Abell with rectangular embouchure cut
Abell with oval embouchure cut
Yamaha YFL 381
Christina Lee (piano)

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