Jasmine, Jason and Nigel with Sir James Galway, Lady Galway and Nagahara family at the welcome party:

Jasmine attending Sir James' International Flute Masterclass lecture:

Sir James demonstrates his unique tone colour to the audience:

Lady Galway coaches Jasmine and Jason on music interpretation:

Sir James coaches Jasmine on fingering technique:

Sir James playing Doppler's duet with Jason:

Team photo with Sir James and Lady Galway:

Team photo of all active participants in Sir James' masterclass:

Flute Choir rehearsal:

Richard from US:

Photo with Swiss journalist:

Photo with flutist from Italy, France and England:

Photo with Marlene Verwey:

Photo with Frits van der Veen:

Photo with Lynda and Mark:

Photo with Sarah Osborn:

Photo with Premeno Burak:

Photo with Andre Roshka:

Photo with Mr Nagahara:

Photo with Juliano de Arruda Campos:

Party time:

2008 Sir James Galway International Masterclass

3 - 9 Aug, 2008

Photo with Swiss journalist.

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來自世界各地訓練班成員專程來到Weggis,他們專注地接受了七天的樂器培訓。每天進行九十分鐘的演奏練習,此外還舉辦了一些學術報告,硏討會和音樂會。音的構成,發音位置和音樂感的指導則屬於另外的重要教授範圍。這61位成員中有一位荷蘭來的46歲的Frits van der veen,他形容這個課程內容好比" 我們在學習用笛子唱歌" 並且深感因為得到一位偉大音樂家的教授而自豪。 最年輕的參加者是剛滿八歲由香港來的Jason Ng 和他的十一歲姐姐Jasmine Ng,他們已經是第二次參加訓練班了。他們最初的笛子課是四年前由他們的爸爸教的"我敬佩James Galway 先生"。他並且很高興深信自己的孩子能够大有收益。

The Youngest 8-year old flute participant
Flutists from all over the world came on purpose to attend the 7-day masterclass in Weggis. The participants have to attend a 90-minute warm-up session every day. There are also intensive performance classes , conventions as well as concerts. This year , the masterclass focused on articulation , embouchure and music interpretation. There are altogether 61 flutists participated this time. 46-year-old Frits van der veen said that he was honoured to meet this flute master and he thought playing the flute was like singing. The youngest flutist is Jason Ng from Hong Kong , who is only 8 years old. This is the second time that he and his 11-year-old sister , Jasmine Ng , attended the masterclass. They both started learning the flute from their father (Nigel Ng) 4 years ago. Mr Ng admired Sir James very much and he was glad that the children could be taught by the flute master.